Twelfth Night

or What You Will

8th March 2015

Nissay Theatre, Tokyo

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This Toho Company production opened at the Nissay Theatre in Tokyo on 8th March 2015 and ran until the 30th March before touring to Ōita and Osaka.

This was the very last theatre design by the great South African designer Johan Engels, who died shortly before the production went into rehearsal. He adored Japan and was greatly looking forward to working in Tokyo on a play he loved. Alas, his friends and colleagues had to go on without him and dedicated their work on the show to his loving memory.

Twelfth Night

Written byWilliam Shakespeare
Translated into Japanese by Kazuko Matsuoka

Creative team

Directed byJohn Caird
Set and Costumes byJohan Engels
Music and Arrangement byJohn Cameron
Musical Direction byKayo Nagano
Assistant to the Director / Song Lyrics by Maoko Imai
Lighting byRyuichi Nakagawa
Sound byToshiya Honma
Hair and Makeup byEita (Iris)
Fights directed byHiroshi Atsumi
Associate Set Designer Matt Rees
Costume Supervisor Binny Bauerman
Set and Costume Assistant Yuko Iwata
Lighting Assistant Yasuko Abe
Assisant Director Ikkou Ueda
Stage Manager Masato Usami


Viola (Cesario) / Sebastian Kei Otozuki
Orsino Ryosei Konishi
Olivia Tomoko Nakajima
Malvolio Satoshi Hashimoto
Fabian Tatsumi Aoyama
Sir Andrew Aguecheek Zen Ishikawa
Sir Toby Belch Haruhiko Jo
Feste Songha
Maria Megumi Nishimuta
Sea Captain Hiroshi Miyakawa
Antonio Makiya Yamaguchi
Sailor / Second Officer Sho Ikushima
Sir Topaz Shinichiro Uchida
GentlewomanMotoko Orii
First Officer Sungrak Kim
GentlewomanShizuka Kono
Valentine Seiji Sasaki
Curio Shinya Senda
Sailor / Third Officer Junya Hirano
Fabian’s Boy Haruka Manase


Keyboard / ConductorKayo Nagano
Violin Masahiko Sakurai
Viola Hirono Ootsuji
Cello Kosuke Tanaka
ProgrammerKoga Keiichiro

Production Staff

Assistant Stage Managers八木 茜 / 石川和音 / 大垣敏朗 / 藤原秀明 / 向井一裕 / 森谷亜紀子 / 平石尚子 / 齋藤英明
Assistant Producers藤岡陽子 / 畑中あゆみ
Carpenter安藤宣弘 (俳優座劇場)
Props provided by天野雄太 (高津装飾美術)
Swords provided byアトリエカオス
Special Props provided by湯田商店
Costumes made byカレン・クライトン (Women's Costumes) / マーク・コステロ (Men's Costumes)
Assistant Costume Seamster日吉乙江
Hats made byカレン・シャノン
Shoes provided by大石雅章 (神田屋)
Decorative Illumination provided by小田桐秀一 (イルミカ東京)
Video Equipment provided by神守陽一 (インターナショナルクリエイティブ)
Instruments provided by岸拓央 (三響社)
Lighting OperationA・S・G
Sound Operators增原健市 / 羽立高行 / 矢作璃沙
Hair and Makeup for Performances遠山直樹 (Iris) / 高石涼太 / 山口 梓

Programme Staff

Advertising / Programme Designタカハシデザイン室
Programme Design伊東浩司
Photography二石友希 / 田内峻平 (東宝アド) / 阿部勝 (東宝アド) / 田中亜紀
Hair and MakeupEita (Iris)