The Merchant of Venice

by William Shakespeare

The first performance of this production was at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon on 5th April, 1984.  It played in repertoire in Stratford throughout the 1984-1985 season.

Creative team

Directed by John Caird
Designed by Ultz
Lighting by Robert Bryan
Music by Ilona Sekacz
Company Voice Work Cicely Berry and David Carey
Assistant Director Alison Sutcliffe
Design Assistant Jill Jowett
Music Director Michael Tubbs
Stage Manager Stella Bond
Deputy Stage Manager Philip Mac Donald/Michael Stanislaw
Assistant Stage Manager Kate Trevers


The Duke of Venice Richard Easton
Antonio, *a merchant* Christopher Ravenscroft
Salerio Jim Hooper
Solanio Ian Mackenzie
Bassanio Adam Bareham
Gratiano James Simmons
Lorenzo Simon Templeman
Servants to Bassanio Andy Readman/Jonathan Scott-Tayler
Shylock Ian McDiarmid
Jessica, *his daughter* Amanda Root
Tubal, *his friend* Sebastian Shaw
Launcelot Gobbo, *his servant* Brian Parr
Old Gobbo, *Launcelot’s father* John Rogan
Gaoler Andy Readman
Clerk of the Court Jonathan Scott-Taylor
Ghost of Portia’s Father Richard Easton
Portia Frances Tomelty
Nerissa Josette Simon
Balthasar Stephen Simms
Stephano David Phelan
The Prince of Morocco Hepburn Graham
The Prince of Aragon Martin Jacobs


Michael Tubbs Organ
Roger Hellyer Organ
Ian Reynolds Recorder