Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage

1st February 1990

Mirage, Las Vegas

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This was a magic show conceived by the great German-American illusionists Siegfried Fischbacher & Roy Horn and the designer John Napier. It opened at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas in February 1990 and played continuously there until October 2003 when it closed unexpectedly owing to an injury incurred by Roy Horn during one of the performances.

The show was rehearsed while the building of the Mirage Hotel was still being completed. Because of delays in the construction of the theatre and doubts about the safety of the stage for Siegfried and Roy’s animal co-stars, the original opening date of Christmas 1989 had to be postponed for a month and a half.

The show had some eighty dancers and twelve acrobats – as well as numerous skilled animal handles and technical staff – together with a large menagerie of big cats including white tigers, Bengal tigers, lions, snow leopards, spotted leopards, lep-jags, jaguars and black jaguars, a horse called Favorite and a very beautiful Thai elephant called Gildah.

Photographs by Carol M. Highsmith

Siegfried and Roy

Conceived and Created bySiegfried & Roy and John Napier

Creative Team

Written and Co-directed byJohn Caird
Designed and Co-directed byJohn Napier
Lighting DesignerAndrew Bridge
ChoreographerAnthony Van Laast
CostumesWilliam Ivey Long
Sound DesignerJonathan Deans
Scenic projection DesignerLisa Podgur Cuscuna
Music Composed and Produced byTom Bahler
Co-composerChris Boardman
Music arrangementsGreg Welchel
Additional Musical MaterialJerry Bilik, Sean Callery, Bill Purse and Sheldon Rose
Director/Choreographer of the FinaleKenny Ortega
Assistant Choreographer of the FinaleLiz Imperio
Music Recorded byRichard Cottrell & Matt Forger
Assistant EngineerRail Ragot
Produced byKenneth Feld
Personal Manager to Siegfried & RoyBernie Yuman

The Siegfried and Roy Company

Leading LadyLynette Chappell
Personal Supervisor for the Siegfried and Roy CompanyLynette Chappell
Siegfried and Roy Animal Supervisory TeamGeorge Diesco, Scott Hargis, Melody Hitzhusen, Craig Hobbs, Chris Lawrence, Chris Logan, Thomas Maple, Charles Moxley, Patrick McGauly, John Molnar, Eric Orkney, Stephen Webb
Head GroomRay Meunier
Animal GroomsAnthony Crawford, Cyrus Douglas, Adam Fischer, Brad Fox, Christopher Gonzales, Antione Hunter, Marcus Peeler, Saul Perez-Alcala, Derrick Privott, Steven Traylor
Doctors of Veterinary Medicine for Siegfried and RoyDr. Lanny Cornell, Dr. Mike Simon, Martin Dinnes
Neo Natal SpecialistGail Hedberg

The Cast

Male Line CaptainJason Gonzales
Female Line CaptainJennifer Hooper
Acrobat Line CaptainMary Bryan
Assistant Female Line CaptainMegan Muldoon-Westwood
Dancers and AcrobatsAngela Albuquerque, Miguel Alvarez, Elizabeth Auten, Eric Berkel, Kate Berry, Lisa Brzynski, Kristi Busler, Kathy Carr, Catherine Cmeyla, Kelli Collins, Jeniffer Creed, Kimberly Curtright, Andrew Dashiell, Michael Davies, Shelley DeBoer, Tiffany Deibert, Michael DelCaparni, Desiree Dobson, Jennifer Dorf, Shani Garman, Nicola Lea Hageman, Heather Harmon, Chris Hawkins, Vincent Kelly, Ivan Kilyushik, Krista Kutnick, Cynthia Lydon, Patricia Madden, Shannon Maloney, Mark Matthews, Donald McCarthy, Ann McCoy-Richards, Tiffany Meuwissen, Nancy Mizell, Melinda Moody, Kathleen Niesten, Kyle Osting, Istvan Parragh, Ildiko Pataki, Timmari Putti, Emma Rendon, Heulwen Rossetti-Busa, Amy Schildknecht, Kimberly Shelton, Kristine Sills, Bonnie Skilton, Sonja Snow, Helen Stein, Kristen Stevenson, Sharon Verrochi, Sherry Wampler, Michael Williams, Todd Williams, Raquel Zeiler

Animal Co-stars

Snow-White Royal TigersSitarra, Akbar-Kabul, Mantra, Jahan, Tsumura, Vishnu
Royal White TigersNeva, Shasadee, Nevada, Sieg-Roy, Vegas, Christmas, Nickolei, Noele, Fuji, Tokyo, Osaka, Red, White, Blue, Samsara, Mahatma, Orissa, Manticore, Jaipur, Kashmir, Tajmah, Rewa, Barboda, Nirvana, Narmada, Titan, Atlas
Magical White LionsSarmoti, Shaka, Secret, Mystery, Hope, Pride, Joy, Destiny, Vision, Quest, Passion, Prosperity
Snow LeopardManchu
Spotted LeopardSasha, Asabi
Sabu Black LeopardBoghkara, Macumba
Black-Maned Nubian LionMombasa
Heterozygous Gold TigersChico, Ali, Jaguar Bombay, Indus, Agra, Barbul, She-Ra, White Gold
Ceremonial Thai ElephantGildah