Peter Pan

The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up

17th December 1998

Olivier Theatre, NT

This was the final National Theatre revival of the original RSC version of J. M. Barrie’s source material.  It opened at the Olivier auditorium of the National Theatre on 17th December 1998 and played throughout the Christmas season. The RSC version is published by DPS in New York. The NT version was published by Methuen in England.

The Adapters and Directors were greatly indebted to Andrew Birkin, the world authority on Peter Pan, for his invaluable help with the text.

The Version

This production was the first time the part of Peter had ever been played by a male actor - the other children’s roles all being played by adults. Up until then the part had always been played by an adult actress with the other children’s roles being played by a mix of adults and children. Thus one of the greatest dramatic love stories ever written had degenerated into a grim annual pantomime, so far from Barrie’s original intention he would have wept to see it.

For a full account of the way the adaptation was made, please refer to the essay in one of the published versions.

Peter Pan

Written by J. M. Barrie
Adapted byJohn Caird and Trevor Nunn

Creative Team

DirectorFiona Laird
Set DesignerJohn Napier
Costume DesignerAndreane Neofitou
Original Lighting DesignerDavid Hersey
MusicStephen Oliver
Additional Lyrics by Stephen Oliver
Music Director Mark W. Dorrell
Director of Movement Jane Gibson
Company Voice Work Patsy Rodenburg
Fight DirectorMalcolm Ransom
Sound Designer Scott Myers
Staff Director Janine Davies
Consultant Staff Director Loveday Ingram
Assistant Voice Coach Jeanette Nelson
Assistant to the Designer Roz Coombes
Design Assistants Alban Oliver, John Stevenson
Costume Supervisor Diane Bentley
Costume Assistant Rodger Bremble
Flying Director Lee Stephenson
Flying Supervisor Scott Hope
Production Manager Annie Gosney
Deputy Production Manager Tom Richardson
Stage Manager Angela Fairclough
Deputy Stage Manager Hilary Stephens
Assistant Stage Managers Helen Barrett, Peter Gregory
Production Photographer Catherine Ashmore


The Storyteller Michael Bryant
Mr Darling David Troughton
Mrs Darling Susannah Fellows
Wendy Rebecca Johnson
John Adrian Ross-Magenty
Michael Jonathan Broadbent
Nana Jan Knightly
Liza Annabel Dowler
Peter Pan Justin Salinger
The Voice of Tinker Bell Inka Magnussen
Slightly Jonny Hoskins
Tootles Kieron Forsyth
Nibs John Dorney
Curly Mark Cronfield
First Twin Peter McCabe
Second Twin Jason Thorpe
Cecco Jim Creighton
Bill Jukes Liam McKenna
Cookson Martin Chamberlain
Gentleman Starkey Hugh Sachs
Skylights Glynn Sweet
Smee Christopher Luscombe
Noodler Jan Knightly
Robert Mullins Jonathan Kemp
Wibbles Ben Mangham
Captain James Hook David Troughton
Ostrich Richard Ryder
Great Big Little Panther Ben Mangham
Lone Wolf David Massey
Tiger Lily In-Sook Chappell
The Indian Tribe Adam Croasdell, Kay Curram, Annabel Dowler, Sarah Lonton, Inka Magnussen, Richard Ryder
The Mermaids Kay Curram, Annabel Dowler, Sarah Lonton, Inka Magnussen
The Never Bird Susannah Fellows
Chay Turley Richard Ryder
Alsatian Fogerty David Massey
Canary Robb Adam Croasdell
Jane Kay Curram