The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

Novel by Charles Dickens

Adapted by David Edgar

The third and final run of the show at the Aldwych Theatre in the spring and summer of 1981 led straight on to the show being filmed at the Old Vic Theatre followed by a fourteen week run at The Plymouth Theatre on Broadway, opening on the 22nd September 1981.

The show was produced in New York by Elizabeth Ireland McCann & Nell Nugent in partnership with the Schubert Organisation and Jimmy Nederlander.

Creative Team

Adaptation by David Edgar
Directed by Trevor Nunn and John Caird
Assistant Director Leon Rubin
Designer John Napier & Dermot Hayes
Costumes designed by John Napier & Andy Neofitou
Lighting by David Hersey
Music and Music & Lyrics by Stephen Oliver
Designers assisted by John Thompson


The characters and the actors who played them are only named in the sections of the play in which they first appear.
Nicholas Nickleby Roger Rees
Kate Nickleby Emily Richard
Ralph Nickleby John Woodvine
Mrs Nickleby Jane Downs
Newman Noggs Edward Petherbridge
Hannah Hilary Townley
Miss La Creevy Rose Hill
Sir Matthew Pupker David Lloyd Meredith
Mr Bonney Andrew Hawkins
Irate Gentleman Patrick Godfrey
Flunkey Timothy Kightley
Muffin Boys Ian East/Ian McNiece
Mr Snawley William Maxwell
Snawley Major Janet Dale
Snawley Minor Hilary Townley
Belling Stephen Rashbrook
William John McEnery
Waitresses Sharon Bower/Sally Nesbit
Coachman Clyde Pollitt
Mr Mantalini John McEnery
Madame Mantalini Thelma Whiteley
Flunkey Griffith Jones
Miss Knag Janet Dale
Rich Ladies Sharon Bower/Shirley King
Milliners Suzanne Bertish/Sharon Bower/Ian East/Lucy Gutteridge/Cathryn Harrison/William Maxwell/Sally Nesbit/Stephen Rashbrook/Hilary Townley
Mr Squeers Alun Armstrong
Mrs Squeers Lila Kaye
Smike David Threlfall
Phib Sally Nesbit
Fanny Squeers Suzanne Bertish
Young Wackford Squeers Ian McNiece
John Browdie Bob Peck
Tilda Price Cathryn Harrison
Tomkins William Maxwell
Coates Andrew Hawkins
Graymarsh Alan Gill
Jennings Patrick Godfrey
Mobbs Christopher Ravenscroft
Bolder Mark Tandy
Pitcher Sharon Bower
Jackson Nicholas Gecks
Cobbey John McEnery
Peters Teddy Kempner
Sprouter Lucy Gutteridge
Roberts Ian East
Mr Kenwigs Patrick Godfrey
Mrs Kenwigs Shirley King
Morleena Kenwigs Hilary Townley
Mr Lilyvick Timothy Kightley
Miss Petowker Cathryn Harrison
Mr Crowl Ian East
George Alan Gill
Mr Cutler Jeffery Dench
Mrs Cutler Janet Dale
Mrs Kenwigs’ Sister Sharon Bower
Stout Lady Rose Hill
Miss Green Jane Downs
Benjamin Teddy Kempner
Pugstyles Roderick Horn
Old Lord Griffith Jones
Young Fiancée Lucy Gutteridge
Landlord Jeffery Dench
Mr Vincent Crummles Christopher Benjamin
Mrs Crummles Lila Kaye
The Infant Phenomenon Hilary Townley
Master Percy Crummles Teddy Kempner
Master Crummles Mark Tandy
Mrs Grudden Rose Hill
Miss Snevellicci Suzanne Bertish
Mr Folair Clyde Pollitt
Mr Lenville Christopher Ravenscroft
Miss Ledrock Lucy Gutteridge
Miss Bravassa Sharon Bower
Mr Wagstaff Alun Armstrong
Mr Blightey Jeffery Dench
Miss Belvawney Janet Dale
Miss Gazingi Sally Nesbit
Mr Pailey William Maxwell
Mr Hetherington Andrew Hawkins
Mr Bane Stephen Rashbrook
Mr Fluggers Griffith Jones
Mrs Lenville Shirley King
Mr Curdle Hubert Rees
Mrs Curdle Emily Richard
Mr Snevellicci John McEnery
Mrs Snevellicci Thelma Whiteley
Scaley Ian McNiece
Tix Teddy Kempner
Sir Mulberry Hawk Bob Peck
Lord Frederick Verisopht Nicholas Gecks
Mr Pluck Teddy Kempner
Mr Pyke Mark Tandy
Mr Snobb Christopher Ravenscroft
Colonel Chowser Timothy Kightley
Brooker Clyde Pollitt
Mr Wititterley Roderick Horn
Mrs Wititterley Janet Dale
Alphonse Stephen Rashbrook
Opera Singers Sharon Bower/Andrew Hawkins/John Woodvine
Charles Cheeryble David Lloyd Meredith
Ned Cheeryble Hubert Rees
Tim Linkinwater Griffith Jones
The Man Next Door Patrick Godfrey
Keeper Alan Gill
Frank Cheeryble Christopher Ravenscroft
Nurse Thelma Whiteley
Madeline Bray Lucy Gutteridge
Arthur Gride Jeffery Dench
Walter Bray Christopher Benjamin
Peg Sliderskew Suzanne Bertish
Hawks’ Rival Edward Petherbridge
Captain Adams Andrew Hawkins
Westwood Alan Gill
Croupier Ian McNiece
Surgeon Timothy Kightley
Umpire Roderick Horn
Policemen Andrew Hawkins/Mark Tandy
Mrs Snawley Janet Dale
Young Woman Hilary Townley
All other parts played by members of the company.