Columbus and the Discovery of Japan

by Richard Nelson

This was a Royal Shakespeare Company world première that opened at the Barbican Theatre on 22 July 1992.  The production then played in repertoire for the rest of the RSC London season.

Creative Team

Director John Caird
Designer Timothy O’Brien
Music Shaun Davey


Christopher Columbus Jonathan Hyde
Beatrice Jane Gurnett
Rodrigo Pulgar Phillip Voss
Miguel Garcia Bernard Gallagher
Pero de Soria Michael Poole
Juan de la Enzina Michael Higgs
Pedro de Terreros Christopher Luscombe
Martin Pinzon Christopher Benjamin
Vincente Pinzon Don Gallagher
Francisco Pinzon Tim Hudson
Felipe Pinzon Helen Blatch
Father Juan Perez Terence Wilton
Quinteros Christopher Saul
Ninos Howard Crossley
Luis de Torres David Birrell
Diego de Havana Robert Demeger
Juan Sanchez Albie Woodington
Ensemble Constance Byrne, Oliver Darley, Ian Hartley, Andrew McDonald, Stephen Moyer, Nick Simons & Biddy Wells
Diego Simon Magnus/Luke Nugent
Cabin Boy Robbie Gill/Daniel Robson