A Midsummer Night's Dream

30th March 1989

Royal Shakespeare Theatre, RSC


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This Royal Shakespeare Company production was first performed at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon on 30th March 1989, opening to the press on 11th April.

It ran in repertoire through the 1989 Stratford season and then toured the UK before opening at the Barbican Theatre on 4th December 1989 where it played in repertoire through the 1990 season.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Written byWilliam Shakespeare
'Incidental Music for Midsummer Night's Dream' by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Creative team

DirectorJohn Caird
Designed by Sue Blane
Lighting by Alan Burrett
Music by Ilona Sekacz
Choreography by Anthony Van Laast


Theseus / Oberon John Carlisle
Hippolyta / Titania Clare Higgins
Egeus Russell Enoch
Hermia Amanda Bellamy
Helena Sarah Crowden
Demetrius Paul Lacoux
Lysander Stephen Simms
Peter Quince Paul Webster
Bottom David Troughton
Flute Graham Turner
Snug Jimmy Gardner
Snout David Shaw-Parker
Starveling Dhobi Oparei
Puck Richard McCabe
First Fairy Liza Hayden
Indian Boy Krishnan Chauhan / Mandip Jheeta
Oberon’s Fairies Keith Goozee / Peter Hamilton-Dyer / Andrew Havill / Neil Richardson
Titania’s Fairies Sharon Hinds / Polly Kemp / Jacqueline Leonard
Mustardseed Jodie Ball / Chloe Trotman
Peaseblossom Charlotte Bridgewater / Fiona Gibson
Cobweb Zachary Gregory / Richard Handy
Moth Curtis Mason / Mark Seavers

At the Barbican Theatre

Ian Embleton took over fairying duties from Peter Hamilton Dyer
The Indian Boy was played by Kemal Ibrahim or Halal Miah
The fairy children were:
Mustardseed Carlie Gabriel / Lisa O’Connell
Peaseblossom Victoria Avery / Stephanie Bagshaw
Cobweb John Bingham / Andrew Dicks
Moth Karl Maddix / Henry Toller