Romeo and Juliet


by William Shakespeare


This was a Royal Shakespeare Company production that started life as part of a ‘Small Scale Tour’ playing in small venues all around the UK.  It opened in Lincoln on 10th October 1983, sharing a cast and playing in repertoire with Sheila Hancock’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and then toured to Mansfield, Walsall, Bridgnorth, Hoyland, Castleford, Scunthorpe, Belfast, Middlesborough, Workington, Barrow, Bridlington, Wisbech, Bletchley, Woodbridge, Margate, Tiverton, Redruth, Newton Abbot, Sandown, Thatcham and Stroud.

The production then opened, with a slightly changed cast, at The Other Place Theatre on 25th April 1984 and played in repertoire through the Stratford season.  It then played in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the Gulbenkian Theatre from 25th February to 12th March 1985.

Creative Team

Director - John Caird
Designer - Bob Crowley
Costumes - Priscilla Truett
Music and Soundscape - Ilona Sekacz
Lighting - Brian Harris
Sound - John A Leonard
Movement - Geraldine Stephenson
Fights - Malcolm Ransom
Company Voice Work - Cicely Berry & David Carey
Stage Manager – Richard Oriel
Deputy Stage Manager – Simon Dodson
Assistant Stage Manager – Kate Trevers


Escalus – Martin Jacobs
Mercutio – Roger Allam
Paris – Steven Pinner
Page – Jeremy Sullivan

Montague – Donald McKillop
Lady Montague – Susan-Jane Tanner
Romeo – Daniel Day-Lewis
Benvolio – James Simmons
Balthasar – Jimmy Yuill
A Servant – Guy Fithen

Capulet – George Raistrick
Lady Capulet – Penny Downie
Juliet – Amanda Root
Tybalt – Simon Templeman
Nurse – Polly James
Peter – Philip Jackson
Gregory – David Whitaker
Friar Laurence – Robert Edison
Apothecary – Roger Allam
Friar John – Guy Fithen

Other parts played by members of the company.


Flute/Recorder – Ian Reynolds
Guitar – John Richards
Mandolin/Violin – Paul White/Gillian Springate


For the revival at The Other Place the cast was varied as follows:

Lady Montague – Liz Moscrop
Romeo – Simon Templeman
Tybalt – Andrew Hall
Peter – Charles Millham
Gregory - Hepburn Graham
Friar Laurence – Frank Middlemass
A Lady – Alison Rose