Peter Pan


The Boy Who Would Not Grow UP

A Fantasy in Five Acts


Adapted by John Caird and Trevor Nunn

This was the first revival of the 1982/83 RSC production.  It opened at the Barbican Theatre on 15th  December 1984 and ran through the Christmas season until 19th January 1985. 

A slightly different adaptation was made for the National Theatre Christmas seasons of 1997/8 and 1998/9.

Creative Team

Directors - John Caird and Trevor Nunn
Designer - John Napier
Costumes - Andreane Neofitou
Lighting - David Hersey
Music - Stephen Oliver
Fights Directeor - Malcolm Ransom
Musical Director – Richard Brown/Nigel Hess
Lighting Assistant– Jozef Celder
Assistant Director – Peter Clough
Script Assistant – Sarah Spare

Stage Manager – Rachel Whitteridge
Deputy Stage Manager – Rachael Artingstall
Assistant Stage Manager – Alison Owen

The production was sponsored by James M. Nederlander and presented in association with the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, in whom the
copyright of Peter Pan was vested.


Peter Pan


The Storyteller – Brian Murphy

Mr Darling – Stephen Moore
Mrs Darling – Caroline Harris
Wendy – Jane Carr
John – Philip Franks
Michael – Philip Dupuy
Nana – Christopher Hurst
Liza – Tina Jones

Peter Pan – John McAndrew
Tinker Bell – Jenny Dunbar

The Ostrich – Jill Connick

Slightly – Christopher Wright
Tootles – Allan Hendrick
Nibs – Paul Spence
Curly – Roger Hyams
First Twin – Raymond Platt
Second Twin – Piers Ibbotson

Cecco – John Nolan
Bill Jukes – Dean Allen
Cookson – Mike Murray
Gentleman Starkey – Clyde Pollitt
Skylights – Jeremy Wilkin
Smee – Timothy Kightley
Noodler – John Dallimore
Robert Mullins – Stanley Page

Captain James Hook – Stephen Moore

The Crocodile – Dean Allen & Doyle Richmond

Great Big Little Panther – Graham Sinclair
Tiger Lily – Denica Fairman
The Piccanninny Tribe – Jill Connick, Jenny Dunbar , Sally Jane Jackson, Tina Jones, Jeffrey Robert, Derek Smee

The Mermaids – Jill Connick, Jenny Dunbar , Sally Jane Jackson, Tina Jones
The Never Bird – Caroline Harris

Chay Turley – Doyle Richmond
George Scourie – Christopher Hurst
Wibbles – Derek Smee
Alsatian Fogerty – Graham Sinclair
Canary Robb – Jeffrey Robert

Jane – Sally Jane Jackson


Musical Director/Piano/Synthesiser – Richard Brown
Trumpets –Roderick Tearle/Colin Rae
Horn – Duncan Hollowood
Horn/Tuba - Brian Newman
Trombone – David Hissey
Flute – Christopher Lacey
Oboe – Caroline Marwood
Clarinet – Victor Slaymark
Bassoon – Peter Whittaker
Cello – Andrea Hess
Percussion – Tony McVey/Peter Washtell