by August Strindberg

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This production of both parts of Dance of Death opened on Dramaten’s main stage on 3rd February 2007 and played in repertoire all through the following year.

It was televised for live transmission by Swedish TV in October of 2007.

Creative Team

Director – John Caird
Set and Costumes – Bunny Christie
Lighting – Torben Lendorph
Music – Kim Hedås
Wigs and Make-up – Eva-Marie Holm, Sari Nuttunen
Sound – Jacob Wilhelmsson
Dance Instructor – Conny Borg
Military Instructor – Christian Braunstein
Dramaturg – Sven Hugo Persson
Prompter – Hanna Pauli
Assistant Director– Dag Thelander
Stage Manager – Mait Angberg
Producer – Peter Kollarik



Production Shot 1


Edgar - Örjan Ramberg
Alice – Stina Ekblad
Kurt – Björn Granath

Jenny – Johanna Skobe
Old Woman – Gunnel Lindblom

Allan – Christoffer Svensson
Judith – Sofia Pekkari
Lieutenant – Erik Magnusson


Music recorded by the Pearls Before Swine quartet:
Sara Hammarström, George Kentros, Mats Olofsson, Mårten Landström

Recorded piano music by Kim Hedås, Göran Martling and John Caird


Production shot 2


Production shot 3

A Poem by John Caird

(originally printed in the theatre programme)


Poor Child
Trapped in the house on a rainy day
Your wondering eyes
Watching the shapes of passing strangers
Man Woman Boy Girl
Caught in the prism of the raindrops
Crying on the window pane
Frightening, sad, mysterious
In every drop a prison

Strange Boy
Stalking through the forest in the gathering dark
Your darting eyes
Spying on the war of the naked creatures
Girl-Woman and Boy-Man
Fighting for supremacy
Demanding life and love
Desperate, cruel, fearful
In every breath a hell

Brave Man
Standing in the cold wind of the archipelago
Your trusting eyes
Witnessing as we become your children
Girl Boy Woman Man
Just as you spoke them
Just as you dreamed us
Just as we are
Hateful, hopeful, human
In every word a home

John Caird
Stockholm 2007


Martin Nordström