Caucasian Chalk Circle


By Bertolt Brecht
Translated by James and Tanya Stern
With W.H. Auden


This production was part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s ‘Small-Scale Tour’. It performed in a two-play repertoire with Howard Davies’ production of Much Ado About Nothing, the same actors appearing in both productions.

It toured small venues all around the UK throughout 1979 and opened at the Donmar Warehouse Theatre on 30th January 1980.

Photographs by Chris Davies and Frazer Ashford – and by kind permission of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

The original creative team and cast are as follows:


Directed by John Caird
Designed by Chris Dyer
Music by Stephen Oliver
Lighting by Brian Wigney
Musical Director – Andrew Dickson
Company Voice Work by Cicely Berry
Assistant Designer – Louise Belson
Stage Manager – Helen Gaynor
Deputy Stage Manager – Hazel Crisp
Assistant Stage Managers – Helen Lovat-Fraser & Andy McKee



Alun Armstrong – Azdak/Merchant/Beggar/Stableman
Jill Baker – Cook/Ludovica/Sister-in-Law
Jane Carr – Grusha Vachnadze
Charlotte Cornwell – Natella Abasvili/Merchant Woman
Kenneth Colley – Arkadi Tsheidse, the Singer
Andrew Dickson – Musician/Ironshirt
Hugh Fraser – Georgi Abashvili/Musician/Stableman/Lawyer
Matyelock Gibbs – Nurse/Mother-in-Law/Granny Grusinia
Kenny Ireland – Shauva/Ironshirt/Blockhead
David John – Ironshirt/Young Farmer/Stableboy
Colin McCormack – Simon Chachava/ Blackmailer
Clive Merrison – Lavrenti/Doctor/Innkeeper/Lawyer
Fred Pearson – Kazbeki/Merchant/Farmer
John Rogan – Grand Duke/Doctor/Chef/Farmer/Old Man
Roger Sloman – Corporal/Drunken Man
Donald Sumpter – Yussup/Irakli/Ironshirt/Adjutant