Henry IV

By William Shakespeare


This was an adaptation of both parts of Shakespeare’s Henry IV for the BBC Television Performance Series.  It was first screened on 28th October 1995.

The adaptation reduced the plays to a single 175 minute drama and included scenes from Richard II and Henry VI Part iii.

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Creative Team

Director - John Caird
Production Company -BBC
Executive Producer - Simon Curtis
Executive Producer - David Snodin
Producer - Annie Castledine
Associate Producer - Ruth Mayorcas
Assistant production accountant - Andrew Derbyshire
Production Manager - Stephen Moore
Production Manager - Chris Alexander
Studio Resources Manager - Peter Manuel
Assistant Floor Manager - Theresa MacInnis
Assistant Floor Manager - Sarah White
Technical Director - Chris Miller
Production Assistant - Maggie Stevens
Casting Advisor - Joyce Nettles
Script Editor - Michael Hastings
Camera Supervisor - Neil McLintock
Lighting Vision Controller - Dave Willson
Lighting Vision Controller - Mike Le Fevre
Vision Mixer - Julie Mann
Lighting Director - Duncan Brown
Visual Effects Designer - Perry Brahan
Editor - Phil Southby
Designer - Anthony Ainsworth
Art Director - Jane Shepherd
Design Operatives Supervisor - Mike Hawkins
Properties Buyer - Maura Laverty
Construction Manager - John Hardy
Costume Designer - Joan Wadge
Makeup Designer - Fran Needham
Music - Ilona Sekacz
Sound Supervisor - Alan Machin
Sound Assistant - Paul Ostwind
Fight Arranger - Malcolm Ranson

Henry IV


Henry IV


King Henry IV - Ronald Pickup
Prince Hal - Jonathan Firth
Poins - Jonathan Cullen
Earl of Warwick - John Woodvine
Sir Walter Blunt - Tim McMullan
Lord Chief Justice - Peter Jeffrey
Sheriff - Teddy Kempner
King Richard II - Roger Allam
Earl of Northumberland - Joseph O'Conor
Harry Percy, 'Hotspur' - Rufus Sewell
Kate - Josette Simon
Earl of Worcester - Corin Redgrave
Sir Richard Vernon - Paul Webster
Gilliams - Ashley Artus
Sir John Falstaff - David Calder
Bardolph - Geoffrey Hutchings
Misstress Quickly - Elizabeth Spriggs
Doll Tearsheet - Jane Horrocks
Pistol - Simon McBurney
Peto - Graham Aggrey
Gadshill - Peter-Hugo Daly
Falstaff's Page - Daniel Worters
Justice Shallow - Paul Eddington
Justice Silence - James Grout
Davy - Teddy Kempner
Mouldy - Graham Hubbard
Shadow - Clive Kneller
Wart - Toby Jones
Feeble - John Dallimore
Bullcalf - Paul Hamilton
Hal, as a Young Boy - Fabio Campo
Hotspur, as a Young Boy - Charlie Carnochan
Prince John, as a Young Boy - Tom Curly