Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage


This was a magic show conceived by the great German-American illusionists Siegfried Fischbacher & Roy Horn and the designer John Napier.  It opened at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas in February 1990 and played continuously there until October 2003 when it closed unexpectedly owing to an injury incurred by Roy Horn during one of the performances.

The show was rehearsed while the building of the Mirage Hotel was still being completed. Because of delays in the construction of the theatre and doubts about the safety of the stage for Siegfried and Roy’s animal co-stars, the original opening date of Christmas 1989 had to be postponed for a month and a half months.

The show had some eighty dancers and twelve acrobats – too numerous to list here – together with a large menagerie of big cats including white tigers, Bengal tigers, lions, snow leopards, spotted leopards, lep-jags, jaguars and black jaguars, a horse called Favorite and a very beautiful Thai elephant called Gildah.

The stars of the show were


Creative Team

Conceived and Created by Siegfried & Roy and John Napier
Written and Co-directed by John Caird
Designed and Co-directed by John Napier
Lighting Designer – Andrew Bridge
Choreographer – Anthony Van Laast
Costumes – William Ivey Long
Sound Designer – Jonathan Deans
Scenic projection Designer – Lisa Podgur Cuscuna
Music Composed and Produced by Tom Bahler
Co-composer – Chris Boardman
Music arrangements - Greg Welchel
Additional Musical Material - Jerry Bilik, Sean Callery, Bill Purse and Sheldon Rose
Music Recorded by Richard Cottrell & Matt Forger
Assistant Engineer – Rail Ragot

Produced by Kenneth Feld
Personal Manager to Siegfried & Roy – Bernie Yuman